Holthinrichs Deconstructs the Wristwatch Dutch Style with First In-House Movement

Holthinrichs latest watch, the Deconstructed, has taken things to the next level without compromising the elements that make them so special. And Martin Green thinks the bracelet deserves a prize of its own.

Sequent Elektron and SuperCharger: Relatively Affordable Smartwatches for Mechanical Watch Enthusiasts 

Many watch collectors own one of more smartwatches, and most of them collect dust in a drawer as the novelty has worn off. so how are Sequent watches different? Martin Green explains.

Oscillon Fundamentum: Sublime Handmade Simplicity: The Ultimate Sleeper Watch

The Oscillon Fundamentum is a basic, time only watch that should fly perfectly under the radar and appear to many as a simple, classically modern watch. But that belies it’s nearly totally handmade perfection.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire: It’s Love-Hate, but if You Have Money to Burn there’s a Lot to Love

Hublot’s Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire is love-hate, but for a wealthy enthusiast who doesn’t take himself too seriously, Tim Mosso thinks that there’s a great deal to love.

De Bethune DB Eight: The Ultimate in Chronograph Refinement!

What would happen if a watch brand makes a chronograph that looks almost exactly like a simple, time only watch? You end up with the most low-key, under-the-radar, stealth chronograph on the market: the De Bethune DB Eight!

Hermès 2023 H08 Colorful Additions to the Collection and a Monopusher Chronograph

The H08 doesn’t try to be anything but a Hermès. It’s not a diver of pilot’s watch, because like many Hermès timepieces, it doesn’t want to constrain itself to a specific category. Pleasantly thin and not too large, it transcends style and cultures

Ferdinand Berthoud Chronométre FB 3SPC: a Watch for Today Right Out of History (and possibly another GPHG winner)

The Ferdinand Berthoud Chronométre FB 3SPC represents an entirely new collection and a core part of the Ferdinand Berthoud ideology, impeccable horology based on the history of the brand’s namesake, all built to the highest modern standards. The FB 3SPC is a stunning journey into horological history.

IWC Ingenieur 2023: Mixed Emotions, I was Hoping for Better

Upon seeing a new watch, Martin Green typically experiences a range of emotions, from excitement to sheer awe. However, when he first saw the new Ingenieur, he was surprised that it didn’t elicit any emotion from me. Nada. Here he explains why.

La Regatta by l’Epée Table Clock: Nautical Grace on Land (and Desk)

For La Regatta, L’Epée drew inspiration from the noble sport of sculling, in which the most beautiful crafts cut through the water like a razor-sharp knife. They are not only very fast but also barely have a wake, so they hardly disturb the water around them. L’Epee used the distinct shape of the boat and made the clock leaving all the mechanical parts visible as well.

Chronomètre Artisans Subscription Edition by Simon Brette: Sensational, Superlative, and Simply Sublime Independent Watchmaking at its Very Best

Simon Brette is a young movement designer with a history of working with Jean-François Mojon’s Chronode, MCT, and MB&F, who has now begun his own adventure of pushing the boundaries of traditional haute horlogerie. Brette launches his eponymous brand with the Chronomètre Artisans Subscription Edition, which sold out long before launch.