Berluti Monk Straps

Vive Paris And Vive La Couleur: What Berluti Has Done To Make Men’s Feet Fashionable

For a die-hard shoe aficionado, the Berluti moniker probably resonates the same way that Franck Muller’s name does for a WIS: overpriced, under-crafted, and something that clueless wanabees might buy. But let’s not forget something important: Berluti, like Franck Muller, was a game changer.

Corthay shoes

Guys, Why You Need To Up The Ante In The Shoe Game

Even the sweet taste of the nectar of Zeus pure mortals call Marsala wine that I was sipping on a terrace in the middle of the Piazza del Duomo in Syracuse, Sicily, and even the sensational view of that grandiose rococo church in front of me could not erase the horrible image from my mind. Caressing my arm, Mrs. What Makes Me Tick was doing her best to shake me out of my shock by trying to persuade me that it wasn’t all that bad and that things could have been worse. Worse?