Konstantin Chaykin Moscow Comptus Clock

Konstantin Chaykin Moscow Comptus Easter Clock: A Mechanical Masterpiece By A Mechanical Mastermind – Reprise

Konstantin Chaykin’s Moscow Comptus Easter Clock masterpiece isn’t designed for the wrist but for the mantel. And it presents further evidence that the man Joshua Munchow dubs the “Wonderboy Russian Watchmaker” is one of the greatest watch- and clockmakers in the game today.

La Regatta by l’Epée Table Clock: Nautical Grace on Land (and Desk)

For La Regatta, L’Epée drew inspiration from the noble sport of sculling, in which the most beautiful crafts cut through the water like a razor-sharp knife. They are not only very fast but also barely have a wake, so they hardly disturb the water around them. L’Epee used the distinct shape of the boat and made the clock leaving all the mechanical parts visible as well.

Wempe’s Stunning Marine Chronometers By Tim Heywood: A Contemporary Spin On What Was Once A Military Secret

While the very first marine chronometers do possess a certain kind of beauty, they were more form follows function. They now have taken on a different role in the maritime industry, as with wristwatches, beauty has become increasingly important. This is why Wempe teamed up with renowned ship designer Tim Heywood.

Burgess Clock B, completed by Charles Frodsham & Co

Burgess Clock B Is The World’s Most Precise Pendulum Clock And Is Made To A 250-Year-Old Design By John Harrison, Longitude Prize Winner And Inventor Of The Marine Chronometer – Reprise

Two-hundred fifty years ago, Longitude Prize-winning clockmaker John Harrison made clocks losing just one second per month. But that wasn’t enough for him: in his later life, Harrison claimed that he could make a wall clock with a then-unheard-of-precision of just one second over 100 days! And 250 years later, it turns out he was right.

Rick Hale shaping wood gear

Rick Hale: Wooden Clocks Designed And Built As If By John Harrison Except Today And In The USA (Beautiful Photos + Videos) – Reprise

Clockmakers rarely get the credit they deserve, and Elizabeth Doerr believes that Rick Hale is deserving of at least a few minutes of your attention because this young autodidact clockmaker is doing something unique: handmaking self-designed clocks out of wood according to some of John Harrison’s principles.

In Praise Of Clocks As Both A Precision Instrument And A Roommate: Highlighting Naeschke Clocks From Germany

Clocks come in all shapes and sizes: table clocks, wall clocks, desk clocks, pendulum clocks, longcase clocks, and marine chronometers. Here Thomas Brechtel makes the case for why you should consider a clock and highlights the work of Naesche clocks.

Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 Monochrome Clock: A Rare Silberstein Without Color

A large part of the appeal of owning anything from Alain Silberstein is his use of primary colors. They make for a bold statement exuding positive vibes. With the KB2 in either black or white, there is a different appeal, as Martin Green explains here.

Joshua’s Ultimate ‐ If Money Is No Object ‐ 10 Watch Collection: 2022 Edition

Now that the year has renewed and we are looking forward to all the 2023 releases, it is a great time to take a look back at 2022, which was a pretty tremendous year for watchmaking. There were so many amazing watches that Joshua Munchow’s “shortlist” that he realized he had to take a different approach.

2022 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) Roundup And How Well Our Predictions Went: Spoiler Alert, We Did Pretty Well

The last couple of GPHGs were hit by COVID, but the 2022 GPHG was finally again an event and a party as it should be! Tout le monde was in Geneva, celebrating watchmaking at its finest. Here are our thoughts on the winners and how well we did at predicting them.

Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock: A Macro Mechanical Sculpture Right In Your Living Room

The Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock isn’t just loosely inspired by the Corum Golden Bridge, it is made to be a nearly perfect replica of the watch at the scale of a table, and even doubling as a coffee table!